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Discussion on: What made you switch your main programming language?

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Trevor Giddings

At first, I mostly did my projects in c++ or Java, mostly because they're common beginner languages and as such, I ended up finding them when back when I was first learning to program. They worked for pretty much all of the small projects I did, so I very rarely poked into other languages.

Eventually, I started work on my biggest project, a web app for my robotics club. At first, I made it with Java, Spring, JDO, etc. I'd heard good things about Spring, but eventually, I found myself throwing hours and hours at the project and making almost no appreciable progress. The language, the framework, JDO were all working against each other and had their individual issues.

I'm not sure whether I'd learned this before or after searching for alternatives to Spring, but I'd heard that LinkedIn had had good experiences with Scala and Play. I'd heard of Scala before, and looking into Play I found a lot of people moving from Spring to Play, so I tried the duo and pretty much instantly fell in love. Scala definitely learned from the issues with Java, and Play's design worked spectacularly with Scala. I was able to remake what I'd spent a couple hundred hours making in a couple weeks, and progress has been orders of magnitude faster since. I definitely see myself using Scala in future projects whenever possible.