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Top UI frameworks for React

Anjan Shomodder
Full Stack Web Developer | Blogger | Instructor at Cules coding
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Top UI frameworks for react

UI libaries are very popular for creating beautiful looking web applications


React components for faster and easier web development. Build your own design system, or start with Material Design.

Alt Text
Alt Text

Learn more from Material-UI docs


Chakra UI is a simple, modular and accessible component library that gives you the building blocks you need to build your React applications.

Alt Text

Learn more from Charkra-UI docs

React Bootstarp

React-Bootstrap replaces the Bootstrap JavaScript. Each component has been built from scratch as a true React component, without unneeded dependencies like jQuery.

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Learn more from React docs

Ant Design

A design system for enterprise-level products. Create an efficient and enjoyable work experience.

Alt Text

Learn more from Ant Design

There are a lot more libaries available for react. But my favorite one is material-ui. Comment down your favorite ui framework.

And I am creating a video series on my youtube channel about how to build a static blogging site using JAMstack.

What are you going to learn from this video series?

  • ReactJS, NextJs
  • Static Site Generation
  • Dynamic Routing
  • Material-ui
  • MongoDB
  • how to build a real time view counter
  • a small search engine with mongodb and so on.

Project Demo

You can demo the project from here
Alt Text

View the Project code.

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Why do I do what I do?

I love to solve problems and develop new ideas. I also enjoy sharing my knowledge to other people who are wiling to learn. That's why I write blog posts and run a youtube channel called Cules Coding

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LUKE知る • Edited

Quick question: Is there a reason to use famous people in your covers/thumbnails? I don't get what's the message/idea of having Elon Musk as thumbnails for your videos, and Tailor Swift in your article's cover. I mean using Zuckerberg as the cover of React related stuff makes some kind of sense, but the other ones are kinda confusing.

thatanjan profile image
Anjan Shomodder Author

Thanks for asking that. Actually I learned it from 'Think Media' youtube channel. when you have famous people on the cover people tend to get attracted more. If you follow 'Charisma on Command' youtube channel, he also do the same thing. So, I tried that and it kinda works.

lukeshiru profile image

Yup, the thing is that if the thumbnail doesn't have anything to do with your content, it initially has a higher click rate, but a way higher bounce rate as well (people notices and with time you end up with less engaging). One thing that I recommend (you can look it up) is to use your own face, generally with your mouth open (like you're about to say something), and with different expressions for different videos.
Is way better to have slower but honest engagement, instead of relying on "click-bait" tactics that end-up ruining your imagen in the long run.

kamilla profile image

Oh, this is sad. I really thought you like Taylor Swift hahah

_mariacheline profile image
s h i

The fact that Taylor Swift is on the banner and has nothing to do with the article is somewhat annoying.

techguy profile image

Great list. Syncfusion React UI Components missing here.

The Syncfusion React UI components library is the only suite that you will ever need to build an application since it contains over 65 high-performance, lightweight, modular, and responsive UI components in a single package.

Demo Link:

vineyrawat profile image
Viney Rawat

Chakra UI

sphrases profile image

Ah dammit, on first glance at the thumbnail I thought this was about developing Iphone apps /s

darkimage profile image
Luca Faggion

What do you guys think about atomize UI ?