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Is Django the best tool to create a website?

Hello, I am studying Python, Django, and Sql, because I want to make a project I have in mind true
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Is it Django the best tool to create the first website or there are better options?

I have in mind a good idea for a web site but the problem is that I am not a developer, I was wondering if there are better options than Django, also if you know any book that helps with creating a first fully functional website it would be very helpful.

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Waylon Walker

This is such a broad question. Django is a good tool to build a website. It's probably the best tool for some use cases.

My first question would be do you even need a server side language? If every user sees the same content every time they load the page, you can get away with a single html page. The advantage here is there is no server to maintain, go down, get hacked, or pay for. A single html page can be hosted on a number of platforms for free and live essentially forever without you fussing with it.

A full Django application and a single html page are at the opposite ends of a full spectrum of options along the way. It's your job to decide whichbis best for your project.

I have not used Django, but it's being actively developed, and runs a number of large sites. I would say that it's a fine choice.

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Iulian Author

the thing is that my website will have users and they will have to log in and register, and they will be able to post things inside the website, so I need the server side as well to save the data, i think Django is Avery good tool indeed but it would be great if there would be something easier for my first project

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Yavuz Ali Korkut Ustbas

I think it will be easier to use Flask for your first project

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I would disagree since when using Flask you need to add/implement most of the things (ORM, auth, forms, mail, admin dashboard, etc) yourself. When in Django it's all included and all you need to worry about is developing. Not saying one is better than the other. Just for the projects where you sure you need at least a DB and auth mechanism, Django suits better IMO.

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Waylon Walker

Fantastic points 👌