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Bitcoin Prime ( and Primecoin are looking for contributors. Even if CryptoCurrency and BlockChain is not your thing, If you have some Dev skills but not BlockChain, and you are looking to get into it, they are offering some tutoring in exchange for contributions.

Primecoin is a CryptoCurrency that uses prime number searching as its proof of work, neat huh!?

Bitcoin Prime plans to extend this existing CryptoCurrency into a Platform with some cutting edge features, read the vision statement here to find out more:

And if you fancy it, join the telegram group here for Devs and say Hello!


Trello has our current task backlog, and most code is in GitHub. We are currently working with c++, Python and NodeJS/React.

Thanks for Reading and see you in Telegram!


Hello bro, I want to contribute to the source code.


Uhmm, your Telegram link is invalid. Can you resend it?

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