Rebuilding the my portfolio site, here's how it went

theavidcoder profile image Divya Kelaskar ・1 min read

Recent weeks I was working on my portfolio website. Previously when I build it, I was satisfied as it was my first successfully deployed project.

Then, I realized that I have made lot of blunders!

Alt Text

Those blunders were:

  • Combined the two sections into one in the navigation bar
  • The biggest one, had a % skills bar

All thanks to the Twitter and DEV Community, I got to know these mistakes and rectify them.

So, how did I fixed my mistakes ?

Alt Text

  • Applied CSS separately to each section, which helped me crossing out my first error.
  • Added logos instead of % bars.

I think this version is a lot better than the previous one !

Alt Text

I know there's a lot to work on, and I am on it !

Alt Text

What are you learning these days ? Do comment below 👇

Thanks for reading !

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