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Discussion on: The Shocking Immaturity of JavaScript

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This is a rather odd article. It’s not clear that you have a full understanding of the node and JavaScript ecosystem at all. You appear to lump it all in under one monolithic thing and then compare it to largely unrelated approaches.

Node is not a product directly as a platform for all JavaScript developers. It’s true it’s hard to do much these days in JavaScript without it but node itself is the V8 engine , and libuv written in C and as a tool is very powerful. Sure it’s powering JavaScript abstractions but if it’s dismissed as just part of a npm / JavaScript collective then it’s not a fair assessment.

Regarless, your article is absent of any real critical analysis on your dislike of JavaScript , you compare it to Ruby on Rails and elixir and Phoenix yet these are complimentary language / frameworks not constructs in competition with node and JavaScript. By all means a comparison between React or Angular and Rails for example would be more appropriate but denigrating JavaScript without examples is a rather naïve approach.

JavaScript has its problems that is true like most languages, but to know them is to understand JavaScript and to know it and to know Node.

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