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Discussion on: JavaScript Interview Question #31: Big or small

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Useless question for a technical interview. It’s only recall there’s no cleverness or usefulness in this type of proposition. These sort of tests are becoming increasingly ineffectual for finding suitable candidates. It’s easy to swat up on things for a one off interview but a different ball game to assess how a candidate may fit in with the demands of the role both technically and socially.

There is now far more reliance on the wider knowledge of a candidate on a subject through a technical interview rather than a test, after all, the trial period will expose or illustrate the true capacity of knowledge outside a pressure exam like test environment. It’s not always about what you know or how much you can recall , it’s about understanding how it works and how you can apply it.

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Yeah, I recently wrote up a very short article here on about this (Esoteric Questions During Front-end Interview: Valid?) Questions you should ask your interviewer if they ask you an esoteric tech question.

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