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An in depth look at Hashicorp Nomad

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Nomad -
Nomad Documentation -
Nomad GitHub Repo -

Use Case: Cloudflare How we use Nomad -

What is Nomad - A Scheduler built by Hashicorp for containers, VM's bare metal applications, and more
How does it work? - A simple binary is downloaded and interfaces to your Container engineer (RunC, Docker, QMEU, Java, or others)
What do you get out of the box - A fully functioning orchestrator with little hassle to setup 
Server - Scheduling, maintains jobs and clients and replication between servers Client - is where the workload runs 

  • Fully functioning Cluster 
  • Admin UI 
  • Lightweight (only 35mb) 
  • Anywhere 
  • Run batch jobs 
  • Windows 
  • Manage non-containerized applications 
  • ACL 
  • Federation of multiple regions into a single cluster 

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