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AWS Bottlerocket - Linux-based operating system to run containers

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AWS announced the new container operating system Bottlerocket. Focused on security, open-source, optimized for AWS integrations, and lower costs.
AWS Bottlerocket - GitHub -
Bottlerocket Roadmap - Deepak Sing VP of compute services at AWS -
Some notable features include:

  • API access for configuring your system, with secure out-of-band access methods when you need them.
  • Updates based on partition flips, for fast and reliable system updates.
  • Modeled configuration that's automatically migrated through updates.
  • Security as a top priority.
  • Open Source - open development model enables customers and partners to produce custom builds, for example, builds that support their preferred orchestrators.
  • Lower costs as it will be bundled with EKS and ECS in the future
  • Optimized performance through AWS integrations
  • 3 years support after the GA release

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