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I appreciate your candor in this post. Especially these days, it’s hard to come by and socially dangerous.

It sounds like you’re looking for some stringent filters for your feed, would you agree this is accurate?

I am with you in as much as the feel-good, socially-oriented posts that are not specifically about technical problems or topics do not interest me. Frankly, I can say that I’m not interested in most “basic” things (music, movies, anything on Pinterest). It has been my experience that most people like basic things, so most environments you will find yourself and are going to be “basic“.

It all comes down to being a part of a community, right? Part of being a member of the community is having tolerance for those that are also members for which don’t care. You’re no #beginner so Ali Spittel’s posts would probably bore you to tears. That said, there’s a lot of dev.to members that are beginners and do get a lot out her work. Our job, as fellow members, is to cut a wide berth for those who have different interests and goals.

How about we team up and make a filter feature for dev.to? It’s OSS after all.

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