Functionality or Design

thedevcristian profile image Cristian Paul Castañeda ・1 min read

A decision I made when I was looking for a light as a developer.

Struggle and silence when I am working on my skills. It's hard to find a way what are your core strength when it comes to software. I usually ask myself everyday,

'Should I become master at HTML/CSS?'
'Can I make a way to learn these languages after learning the basics? Or should I continue to become great at it?'

If it don't excite me when I'm thinking about it. It's time for me to try new technology. I'll jump to learn programming (JS, PHP/MySQL) and it's fun it challenges my logical thinking more than my creative skills learning CSS/ Preprocessors (that I'm going to get use soon.)

What is the point of this article?

For those who are trying everyday, looking for a reason to code, getting up early or staying up late just to learn their path as a developer/designer.

Start doing what are you really need to do. Lots of resources everywhere. You can be a silent reader like me, googling questions and the answer is already there. Finding a Mentor? Or you can be a mentor. Its already up to you.

My perspective in life right now when it comes to software industry, is FUNCTIONALITY.

Create what you can control. Design after what you really want to see.


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