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Discussion on: What is a project, you are really proud of?

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Ian Pride • Edited
  1. MC Chunk Get V1 & V2.
    • Small utility to get a chunks diagonal boundary coordinates in Minecraft to help with building farms, villages, and whatnot...
    • Not necessarily anything advanced, but it was fun for me & something I use often.
  2. V1 is written in AutoHotkey for Windows, V2 is cross-platform in Python/QT.
  3. Personal; I'm a 20+ year "hobbyist?" I guess you can say; though I've written code almost daily for that long.
  4. Both are still active and usable.
    • The AHK version is Windows only, but only 1MB.
    • The Python version is for Windows and Linux, but even when all excess modules are pulled it's still 15+MBs
    • Both work well and do the exact same thing.

I'm currently working on a Ms-Settings Explorer to add to my suite of Windows settings explorers and then after that I plan to add more math/measurement tools to a Minecraft suite.

If you care to check out MC Chunk Get:

MC Chunk Get V1
MC Chunk Get V2

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