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Discussion on: Do you have any energy and time for your personal goals after a full day of work at your job?

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Ori Alvarez

Currently I'm working in customer service and usually I work 8-10 hours a day to come home and study in Lambda School (bootcamp) 3 hours a day. The days I got off from Lambda are Friday and Sunday but still I code at least 3 hours those days. The way I work is that usually procrastination is a slope. If I miss one day and just say to the other nah, I'm going to chill I'm going to miss a few days cause I just don't "feel" like doing it.

Most of the time I have no energy for it but when I get in the zone and start coding it just flows. Having clear and realistic goals plus using techniques like the pomodoro technique can help you achieve your personal goals a bit easier and it's ok to have days you just don't feel it but like exercise you just got to do it.

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Ilona Codes Author

I feel you. Often the most challenging thing is to start 🚀
I also use the Pomodoro technique and adjust it as I need to my daily schedule.