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Discussion on: The Shocking Immaturity of JavaScript

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I was wondering how to comment this and search the least offensive word here.
I see here a bunch of whiners came toguether here to whine. Been developer since php 3. A Front-end from 10 years. Livewire? Are you kidding? This is a step towards old apps which I hated so much. People here hate babel, comparing it with code generation that it was cheating, yes it's cheating blame MS and Safari for that. Hating TS of it's magic decorators or w/e than what's this - @livewire('search-users'). How do you expect to run the same code with upgraded tools. Can you compile .net core 1 with .net core 3 tools? I doubt it, in fact everything breaks just from VS 2015 to VS 2018. Yes the web is in fluctuation and fragmentation. So what? If it wasn't we would still be writing prototypes and monkeypatches. We would still be paying for backend work to render content in the cloud, instead of cdn-ing the front-end and pay less. And yes the fragmentation is caused by the enormous number of browsers doing its own thing, IE, Safari, Firefox, Chrome. And yes not everybody can update its browser. You can't compare backend env with front-end env. Tooling - what about it. gulp, grunt, webpack, npm scripts. not so complicated to learn. Composer came after npm and it learned from the lessons and that's why it's better. And before that we had Zend 1,2, yii, and not package manager except pear. There were others it was not only Laravel. It was not there, but you whine about how many frameworks we have in JS, that's ridiculous. I take the big number of choices over any walled garden and single way to do it dogma. For a large part of it's life, Js was not changing. People were whining about that. Then it start's changing - evolving, people again whine. Like really????

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Jared White Author

I see here a bunch of whiners came toguether here to whine

This is exactly the mindset I keep coming up against. Elitist "software engineers" who consider the complexity they wield and try to keep up with on a daily basis with as a badge of pride. I simply want nothing to do with it.

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talamaska • Edited on

No pain, no gain...whining will not change anything either learn it or change it. Did you read the rest of the comment or you are just of those cancel culture individual? Obviously reporting this comment only support my impression of the people here - cancel culture at it best. Leveragin COC to block people wth different opinion. By doing that you actually acknowledge that you haven't worked hard enough to learn JS. The truth hurts.