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100 Days Of Code : A Commitment to Developer Life

My Story Of Cowardness

Hello, guys I am a noob programmer.
I am in second year of college but I don't know "P" about programming. My real problem is I am lazy, not consistent and I learn things superficially. These habits in day to day life makes me average in every things.

Not having a programming skill is a shameful thing for a engineer so, I decide to change my lazy lifestyle to diligent and consistent lifestyle. Key stapes to learn anything and become a master in that skill is to do it every day with focus. So I am deciding to pursuing to life changing 100 Days Of Code.

End Goal Of 100 Days

  1. Solving minimum two problem in c++ everyday.
  2. Better then average in Data structure and Algorithms.
  3. Complete DBMS
  4. Good grip in Java script

How I Am Going To Accomplish All These

I am going to spend minimum 4 hours to 6 hours everyday. From those hours I am going to devout more then half of those time in c++, data structures and algorithms. And other half of time in java script and database.

What I Am Going to Post In 100 Days Of Code.

  • What I did yesterday.
  • What I am doing today.
  • What plans I have for tomorrow.
  • What mistakes and problems I am facing.
  • My goal of this week in start of week.
  • What I accomplished in this weak at end of this week.

Closing Remark

I thing by this way I can change my life, otherwise I am fucked. THANKS.


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