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Day 1 : 100 Days Of Code!

Congratulation to me!
I just put my first step to the road of being a Developer. 6 December 2021 was my first day and I am impressed with me. I never thought that I can beginning these things because I am always procrastinating.

Talking about my performance I just did a average but I am happy with it because I know " One day will come when I can able to sit 15 hour straight with a god level focus" . Lets talk about some numbers.

What I am did Today ?

In C++

  1. Cover fundamentals of computer system.
  2. How computer programs are executing in real life.
  3. Premetive, Derived and user define datatype.
  4. I/O function and namespace.
  5. if - ese
  6. for, while and do-while
  7. Wrote more then 6 beginner level programs.


  1. Introduction to Relational Model.
  2. Relation schema.
  3. Characteristic of Relational Schema.
  4. Super, Candidate, Primary, Foreign keys.

What I am going to do Tomorrow ?

In C++

  1. Break and Continue
  2. Switch-Case
  3. Operators
  4. Printing patterns


  1. Entity Integrity Constraints.
  2. Referential integrity Constraints.
  3. Domain Integrity Constraints.
  4. Key Integrity Constraints.
  5. Tuple Integrity Constraints.

What is my today's mistake ?

  • I started today in little bit of delay. That makes me a little demotivated.
  • I was not very focused and am learning little superficialy.
  • I am not taking break.

What is my Suggestion to tomorrow ME ?

  • Try to do things on time.
  • Don't try to learn everything just in once.
  • Don't check mobiles.
  • Take 10 minute break at list.

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