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I've seen quite a bit of handwringing across the community about "self promotion" and lack of content that satisfies certain people's particular interests. I get that that can be really frustrating, but at some point I have to wonder why more people aren't creating and modeling the content they want to see. If you'd like to see a deep dive architecture breakdown of a large system, cool. Write that up. People will read it, and if they think it's valuable content, they'll create more things like it! But there's been a lot of back and forth in posts and comments across the site advocating for gatekeeping against beginner content, tutorials, or anything that doesn't meet an arbitrary standard of real tech. It's starting to feel less than constructive.

We all create and exist in the culture of dev.to. There isn't much of a hierarchy here. If there's something you want to see but don't, it's your responsibility to bring it into the community. No one is going to read your mind.

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