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Discussion on: What programming sub-disciplines seem to be trending up in terms of career options?

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David Alexander

Also from the Midwest here and I’ve noticed a similar trend. There are a handful of companies that went with “modern” (read: trendy) ideology and architecture, but a vast majority of them still stick with what has been known to work in the past. They stick with what skills local talent has in abundance and the local talent develops those same skills in order to find a job, or move to a different area.

It seemed like a downward spiral to me for years, but I think it has recently begun to evolve and challenge the status quo of “it always worked before”. Was it due to Agile becoming tried-and-true, the economic downturn of 2008, or maybe something else triggered a primal fear and need to change in order to survive? In any case I’m glad I’m around to see it.