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(2021) - Web Developer Full Course : HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js and MongoDB

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I recently started to create a Full Web Developer Course on my YouTube Channel and recently finished with the HTML and the CSS Section of this FREE course. More videos will be up on upload.

HTML Section

CSS Section

JavaScript Section

This section covers the basics of JavaScript along with the modern features that the language offers. We cover concepts like :

  1. JavaScript Basics (variables, loops, conditionals, functions)
  2. JavaScript Types (Strings, Numbers, Objects, Booleans, Functions, Symbols)
  3. Immediately Invoked Function Expressions
  4. Document Object Model (DOM) - Querying, Traversal, Inserting and Removing Elements from the DOM
  5. Arrays and Iterables
  6. Mutator methods - push, pop, shift, unshift, splice
  7. Other array methods like - slice, indexOf, findIndex, find, sort, reverse
  8. Higher Order Methods - filter, reduce, map
  9. Split and Join Methods
  10. The spread operator
  11. Sets and Maps
  12. Understanding the this keyword in JavaScript
  13. Overview of Objects, Constructor Functions, Classes, OOP, Instance and Static Methods, Inheritance
  14. Events - Adding and Removing Event Listeners
  15. Event Capturing - Bubbling Phases, Propagation and Event Delegation
  16. Asynchronous JavaScript - Event Loop (Call Stack, Message Queue)
  17. Asynchronous JavaScript - Understanding Promises and Error Handling
  18. Asynchronous JavaScript - Promise.race, Promise.all, Promise.allSettled
  19. Demystifying Async Await, From Promises to Async Await
  20. Scopes in JavaScript, Closures
  21. Symbols in JavaScript
  22. Iterators and Generators in JavaScript
  23. The Concept of Pure and Impure Functions in JavaScript
  24. Understanding Hoisting in JavaScript


A lot of exercises and projects were made in this section of the course.

Here are the Projects that we made in this JavaScript Section :

Building COVID-19 Tracker Application using JavaScript and Mapbox

Making a Todo List Application in JavaScript using Custom Events

Implementation of Infinite Scroll in JavaScript

10 JavaScript Projects in 2 Hours

Node.js Section

MongoDB Section

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Diego Monteiro

Great Work, Congratulations...

thenerdydev profile image
The Nerdy Dev Author

Thanks dude !

zippytyro profile image
Shashwat Verma

Love it, dude! Keep going

somanathgoudar profile image
Somanath Goudar

Appreciate the hard work. but one question, why isn't your channel monetized yet.

thenerdydev profile image
The Nerdy Dev Author

Thanks Somanth.
I guess it's going to take some time for me to get there :)