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Just make a commitment to workout every day, no matter what happens. Turn off all electronics during this period of time and just be okay with people not being able to reach you. Either they'll deal with it or you'll have to get another job.

As a side note, it's much easier to workout every day when you aren't stressed about money, so be sure to save a large portion of your massive developer income so you don't have to worry about losing your job because you decided to put health first.

We have it backward in this country. Health is your no.1 asset. If you don't exercise, your brain just isn't as good at solving problems. So any company really ought to be 100% onboard with their developers exercising 1-2 hours a day. In my view, those should be counted towards your working hours because they make you more productive.

Everything we do in our day, from cooking a good meal to getting on the bike, all of it contributes to the quality of our minds. Companies aren't paying you for hours. They're paying you for your mind. Make sure it is in excellent shape so you can produce your best work.

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