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Believing that an arbitrary distinction like "junior" or "senior" has any meaning at all. Time passes, and one day people who were once junior become senior. That's it. It doesn't mean they've learned anything new or changed as people. Some do grow wiser and learn new skills while many keep repeating the same year over and over again.

Junior and Senior are classifications the business world creates in order to justify charging the client more or paying someone less. It makes a hierarchy and that makes people feel the kinds of emotions that make them stay with an organization.

Also, as a practical matter, there is inflation, so people need to get raises and they need some justification for their raise. Saying they've become a "mid-level" or "senior" is the justification. And who is going to challenge them? Nobody wants to lose an employee.

So realize that by simply adopting this style of thinking, you've already lost. You're already playing someone else's game.

Was Mark Zuckerburg a "junior" developer when he created Facebook? What about Bill Gates and Microsoft?

It is entirely possible, indeed often times it is the reality, that a young person is simply more capable, more intelligent, and altogether better positioned to create an insane amount of value. Such arbitrary labels do not apply to her.

You don't want to be "senior" anything. You want out of the system.

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