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I'm a big fan of not being too strict on tracking hours. It just doesn't make much sense for intellectual value-based work.

Instead, I prefer to ask a simple question. What thing, if I did it today, would elicit a very positive response from my customer?

Then you just accomplish the thing, whatever it is, however long it takes (sometimes more than 8 hours), and you announce it the next day.

I find this to be a more natural work cadence. It think it's much better than forcing yourself to work eight hours because some guy from the industrial revolution said that's good for factory workers assembling gear boxes and widgets.

With the strict eight hour thing, you're just spending more time in your seat without necessarily getting much more done, and you often arbitrarily stop working in the middle of your deepest concentration, which makes no sense whatsoever.

People generally don't care about hours. They care about outcomes and goals. Start there and build your workday around it. Everything else will fall into place naturally.

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