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Discussion on: How to apply your coding skills to turn yourself into a self-made millionaire

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Stefanni Brasil Author

Hmm yeah, I plan to do this further, for me that is going to take me some time because I don't have all the experience yet. What I am doing now is doing some networking and giving free coaching on Rails Girls and PyLadies communities, so I can build an audience. I already have a goal with this :)

Good luck, Evan, thanks for coming here! My goal right now is to start to sell my product, which is gonna be a big challenge for me, but I expect to learn a lot and expect to have more marketing tips to share!

The best!

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Evan Sendra

Nice, yeah building the network really has to come first with the consulting route. Best of luck!

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Stephen Kawaguchi

I agree with Evan. Consulting on the side can teach you about how to run a business and give you experience with client management. If you really want to really jump in, you can also work as an incorporated entity while a contractor (provided your client allows that). That forces you to learn really quickly.

It's a good topic for people in our field to consider. Thanks for raising it, Steff!