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Discussion on: #solved Data not showing on Django Template

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The Pylot

I think it is small loop issue

              <div class="row">
              {% for name in volunteer_name %}
                <div class="col-md-4 col-sm-6">
                  <div class="team-wrapper">
                      <div class="team-img">
                          <img src="{{ name.img.url }}" class="img-responsive" alt="Image">
                      </div><!-- /.team-img -->

                      <div class="team-title">
                          <h3><a href="#">{{ }}</a></h3>
                      </div><!-- /.team-title -->

                  </div><!-- /.team-wrapper -->
              {% endfor %}
                </div><!-- /.col-md-4 -->

              </div><!-- /.row -->

and context should be

context = {"volunteer_name": volunteer_name}
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Vicente G. Reyes Author

Fixed it already with this plus the

<img src="{{ volunteer.image.url }}" class="img-responsive" alt="Image">

Now the image doesn't show