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How do you balance out several projects?

I have multiple projects that I maintain. Two have started to pick up a decent amount of popularity. I wanna keep learning and make more projects that are different from the others. But I don't wanna become the very developer that I have always hated before learning to code. The kind that just abandons their projects for now apparent reason.

So, how do I balance out maintaining each of these project?

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Daniel Starner

Stress eating and missing sleep... JUST KIDDING! Don't do that!

Don't be afraid with reaching out to the community for support. Make a guide in the repository, set up some guidelines, and if someone wants a feature, then give the power to them to implement it. Its much nicer moving from developing everything to a role of approving everything. It takes less time and reduces stress on your part.

You started the project, you don't have to be the one to finish it. Its like a child, someday you have to learn to let it free 😃

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Hunter Drum • Edited

"Its like a child, someday you have to learn to let it free"

Wow, that was well said (or I guess typed)

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If you make yourself responsible for the ongoing maintenance of every project you've created AND want to maintain the pace of your ongoing learning, you're eventually going to run out of hours.

You say two of them have started gaining a decent amount of popularity - would it be possible to bring on additional maintainers? Any recurring contributors that you would trust to help out so you can spend more time focusing on other things?

Also, there's nothing wrong with being that kind of developer. By creating these projects at all (and presumably releasing them for free) you've done a service to the world. You don't owe anyone a lifelong debt of maintenance just because you got them 90% of the way there.