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Why I Change My VSCode Theme Often


I take a long time to pick a theme for VSCode. I prefer a dark theme, but if I am working outside I will have a light theme for visibility. I like italics in my theme because I use Victor Mono and I like the cursive fonts. My current dark theme is Bearded Theme Arc Eolstorm by @bearded_bear. It has a nice blue background with subtle colors. Self described, "For those who don't like to be exotic and not be surprised". I've only been using it this week. Last week I was using the Earth version of Bearded Theme. It, obviously, has more earthy colors.

I've gotten some flak for how often I change my theme, and when I do change my theme it is sometimes I lengthy process of finding new themes in the Marketplace and going through the ones I already have installed. There's a hidden reason to by I change my theme so often though. It all has to do with troubleshooting.


Let me explain. I love all the different themes VSCode's Marketplace has to offer. I've used all the popular ones. Material Theme, Colbalt 2, Night Owl, Dracula Official, and Monokai Pro. I do not have allegiance to any. Instead, I will rotate between a few for a while and eventually go on a hunt for more. What I find is if I use the same theme for too long, my eyes get used to the colors and which items are italicized and which aren't. So, if I am having trouble fixing an issue I will often change my theme and often times when I do that I will find and be able to fix the issue right away. Could be that I took my mind off of it and let my brain work on it with me getting in the way, but I believe that the change of colors and font styles help me look at the code differently.

Has anyone else experienced this? How to you get out of your way to fix a bug?


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