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Discussion on: Technology stack for your blog in 2019

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Paul Susicky Author • Edited on

That sounds totally horrible 😓

I haven't experienced any issues wiring Gatsby with Typescript, did you follow the official docs? It uses gatsby plugin for typescript and everything should be working properly.

I would try some kind of gatsby-typescript-starter, if you decide to try gatsby again, I'll be glad to help!

On the other hand, some plugins might be less documented or even doesn't work at all, because they are made and maintained by other developers (so they might become outdated and so on). However, the most used plugins should be quite good documented.

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Florian Rappl

Sure I followed the official documentation. My problems started essentially right with import statements and continued to all things possible like bundle splitting. You can read more details on my blog.

Overall, I found that Gatsby is super overkill for just having a blog. Just install parcel-bundler and parcel-plugin-codegen and you can set up a blog in no time with smaller and faster sites as a result.

One of the things that is a mess with Gatsby is that everything must be a plugin. Want to use leaflet? Well, you'll need a plugin. Why can't I just use react-leaflet?!

But enough of the rant :). Loved the article structure and tech composition, even though some comparison (e.g., emotion vs styled components) would have been good. ❤️