Learn to use screen, a terminal multiplexer

Thibaut Rousseau on September 25, 2017

screen, or GNU screen, is a terminal multiplexer. It allows to manage multiple terminal sessions within the same console. In a way, it does the s... [Read Full]
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Great article :)

Everyone should know about screen - was one of the first things I discovered after vi :) so useful when you have something running at work and you want to pick it up from home.

I've never got on with screen split as I tend not to split my screen in the way that these sort of apps seem to think is normal :D Currently working at home and don't have an extended display so my Ubuntu laptop is a full sized screen session with about 15 windows, 13 with vim sessions and 2 to run python/LaTeX. <3 screen


The only thing I needed from screen was splitting. I use Terminator for this and it works like a charm.

Note, both screen and tmux does not support truecolor, so you're stuck with 256 colors. At least it was true ~2-3 months ago.


Thanks, I've been using screen for years but I didn't know a few of the tricks you explained. Haven't used tmux yet, I'll wait for your review then ;-)


Thanks for the great article. I've been "using" screen off and on for a bit, but this has already helped me up my game significantly. Appreciate it!

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