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Discussion on: How to be fully alert minutes after waking

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Thomas Leon Highbaugh

Its actually called apricity but modern psychology renames everything, pretends its a discovery and markets pills for it. Though your methods of coping with it are sufficient, personally I use my nicotine habit and Belgian Malinois' need for water the neighbor's shrubbery as an excuse to get a bit of exercise, which works better than anything for me. YMWV as anything that deals with mood or sleep.

I don't live far enough north for my apricity to become too severe (California) to require much more than 20 - 30 minutes outdoors regardless what the weather is (including in the snowy mountains which we do have in this state, but please stay where you are) and I am wide awake. I measure this, like most things I can commit to metrics without much inconvenience, so far the significant difference I feel when the fall equinox passes has not bore itself out in data, as the measurements we can even use are naturally as imperfect as those measuring are limited in perceptive capacity. Except of course if I were to take a measurement of my subjective mood, but that would be highly imprecise and thus I invest the time in other ways.