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Discussion on: Focus when you’re not focused?

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Thomas Leon Highbaugh

I force myself to take the dog on a steep and long walk for an hour or so while playing super loud and obnoxious deathcore from a bluetooth speaker (my neighbors adore me) which is a whole journey that forces me out of the frame of mind I am stuck in naturally and when I get back I am tired enough to sit and work but not too tired that my brain is totally dead. Especially late at night with all the mountain lions around here, see a panther and I guarentee you'll have a significant head change sufficient to break through that fog.

I DO NOT TIME MYSELF, for me it makes me a nervous wreck and I never enjoy those breaks very much or get distracted during one and BAM! three hours gone. I do not allow myself to be only moderately productive, if I go walk for an hour that's a lot more productive than writing 3 comments and tinkering with the layout slightly for 4 hours. One hour lost walking, 3 gained not trying to force myself to kick over into my beserker productivity mode. BUT THAT'S ME.

Also I keep NoDoz and Bronkaid around for those really stubborn fogs, a little stimulation goes a long, long way if you know what you are doing. Got me cum laude in undergrad with only 2 hours of sleep a night and a full time job, so it does work but its honestly not as effective as forcing myself to trek about the East Bay hills with my dog and the sounds of Hell coming out of a speaker.