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It is hard for me to imagine how it is as a non-native english speaker. I am a non-native english speaker - and my english is not the best, I would say. But on the other hand: if I remember my first contact with computers was in the 80ies. And it was all about english language: starting with the BASIC dialect to all the "cracker" intros, games etc. So english was early on part of my (childhood) life - even before I actually learned the language at school.

But I can completely understand how you feel.
We are now in an age, where there is a big nation of developers making really cool things in a language, I don't understand:




That gives me the impression of what this is about.

»This library looks cool. Let's have a look ...« ... »Whaaat the ... « o_O

Perhaps chinese will be the new english of the future.


Haha. That link you shared. Tbh, I don't think I would use a library that was in a different language. I'd be scared of running into a bug and not being able to get any help due to the language barrier.

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