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What If I Don't Have Enough Experience ? πŸ€”

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What if I'm under-qualified for a job ?

If you think about this question during a job search, it's a good thing.

Why ?

If you want to apply for a job where you have all the required skills, what will you learn ?
What will your skills increase ?
What more are you going to put in your resume ?

If you are in your safety zone and you are not taking any risks, you're just going to do what you already do, over and over again.

You should know that most of the job offers are made by people who are not in the tech world and the goal is to make the job offer more difficult than it seems, to make a first preselection.

So, if you think you don't have all the skills you need, it's a (first) good thing.
Feel competent and dream big !

But, if you are a student, self-taught or someone who has changed careers, you may have no professional experience.

So, how can you find a job without experience ?

1/2 Big Projects

If for example, you want to work in the field of web development, the first thing to do is to develop websites with the technologies requested by the company, like React or Node for example.

But carrying out several small projects is not rewarding.
If you've made a project that anyone can do in a day, you're not going to stand out.

You need to make a bigger project.
What type of project ?

For example, an e-commerce site on the sale of books, you store the books on a database and manage the authentication with MongoSQL, you display the books on a web app with React, to make the app work on several machines you can use Docker and for the production part, you can use Heroku.

It is a big project that you can put forward and that will make the difference with the other candidates.


Github is an excellent service for showing its projects.

Recruiters will see all the projects you have completed and you can highlight your biggest projects.

Open Source

Github is also an excellent service for working on open source projects.

Working on one or more open source projects shows that you can work with teams, and recruiters love it, so put it forward on Github profile.

You don't know where to start?


Personal Website

Having your own site allows you to showcase all the projects you have done, the studies you have done and finally a part to contact you.

Having your own site takes time, finding the right template, installing it, customizing your site and finally putting it online.

But don't forget, unless you are a graphic designer, you don't need to have the most beautiful site in the world, stay simple and classic.

You are going to show that you have been spending time making a website, which others don't.


Platforms like dev.to allow you to write an article on a subject of your choice.

Why not write an article on one or more technologies that the company uses?

You can also write an article on development issues facing the company, such as how to put an application into production with Heroku.

Like having your own site, you will differentiate yourself from others.

Don't forget to add a link from your blog to your site !


Hackathon are programming events that last anywhere from 24 hours to one week.
The purpose of a hackathon is a for a group of programmers to work together on a collaborative project.

Again, you don't need to be an expert to participate.
If you have friends who have the same level as you, it can be a great experience !

You will meet people of different levels, do not hesitate to ask advice from more experienced people.

You can add this experience to your CV and talk about it during the interview.

You can see how other developers work, think, code, and get inspired.


If you think you have all the skills for a job, you will never go up in skills.

If you want to upgrade your skills, take risks and apply for offers where you are not fully level.

If you think you don't have enough experience, develop projects, one or two big projects, put it forward on your website, contribute to one or two open source projects on Github, write one or two articles related to technologies the company and don't hesitate to take a ride on in a hackathon.

If you have ideas or make a comment, feel free to comment !

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During the first months on my first job I was having a casual discussion with my manager. I told him what my plans - career wise - were and asked him for advice as I felt under qualified to follow through.
He replied without hesitation: sometimes you have to fake it 'till you make it.

I didn't had the courage to follow his advice for more then 5 years. Now I am.

Meanwhile he followed his own advice and is now the CEO of a pretty cool startup. Back then I was pretty sure he'd be a terrible "leader". He proved me wrong again.


It reminds me of the impostor syndrome, we always have the impression of being a bad developer or of thinking that someone is better than us and deserves to be in our place.

It's like learning to ride a bike : at first you fall several times and after several tries, you ride !

The key is to practice over and over again. To feel confident, it can take 1 month, 6 months or more.

The most important thing is to have a long-term vision, it's like doing weight training, the changes will not happen in 4 or 6 weeks, but more in 4 or 6 months.

Work always pays.

Thank you for sharing this experience !


These are all awesome examples of taking risk. I believe one should cultivate the appetite to take risk by starting small but dream big. You just need to get used to being in a uncomfortable situation to grow. You never know what you might accomplish till you had taken the leap of faith to do something outside of your comfort zone.


wow! that was some awesome information! it made me once again realize how far i have to go but gave me great incentive! Thanks!


Thank you !

When I started to learn programming in school, I didn't have these tips.

I learned it for several years, through videos, online courses, blog or meeting with people from the community.

I am happy to be able to share them to give confidence to those who are new or those who doubt.

And the goal is not to go as fast as possible but to go as far as possible !


Nice!! I was having the same intention when building my personal website. I am a Reactjs beginner and building a website with it and deploying it on github pages have taught me a lot.


Thank you !

Building a personal website with React sounds cool !
Glad that this project helped you.