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Discussion on: Do you have a habit of over-engineer your projects?

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Thomas Leathers • Edited

SBTCVM, my balanced ternary (base 3) virtual machine, in its prototype codebsse, had a GUI 'launcher' that in a weekend got virtual 'windows' in 90s sim game style...

Eventually, i did end up writing a python/pygame framework, StrazoloidWM, to do the same thing... the framework ended up a LOT less complicated as well... ive used it in a gopberspace client: Zoxenpher, which comes complete with a retro 'desktop' look.

So ironically, even that launcher feature born out of overengineering, was in itself WAY more complex than it had to be...

Oh yea, that launcher, and several other GUI tools that SBTCVM's prototype codebase eventually got, had an entire theming system... that, however, never led anywhere other than: 'not doing that again...' :p

So yes, i have put myself in more than a few situations, where my code complexity blew up in my face... XD

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Madza Author

Hahah, thanks for sharing 😀😀