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Discussion on: Have you ever designed your own language?

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Thomas Leathers Author • Edited

I have designed a few smaller script languages for some project-specific tasks. such as:

  1. Desutezeoid Animation script (DZA) A fairly basic animation & sequencing script for my point and click adventure engine, Desutezeoid, intended as a compliment to its main, XML-based, 'rule-based' logic.

  2. eXtensible Assembler Script (XAS) A simple build script/development shell system for SBTCVM, a base 3 virtual computer i designed.

Ive also designed a few more serous languages. Both of which for SBTCVM.

  1. SBTCVM Assembly: A fairly advanced listing-style (1 keyword = 1 cpu operation) assembly language.

  2. SSTNPL (SBTCVM Simplified Ternary Numeric Programming Language): a math-centric language with named integers, 2D arrays (called tables), iterators, and a goto/label structure with separate stack-based subroutine gotos & returns. I even did a tutorial series for SSTNPL on