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Discussion on: Is Haskell bad for FP?

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Thyringer • Edited

Haskell has some ugly corners like any language.
But your objections are not justified, since Haskell is a research language, with the aim of funtional programming with lazy evalutaion. It was never intended that Haskell would actually be a language for industrial software development. Therefore, I do not see the many compiler extensions as a valid criticism or the lack of backward compatibility. Just look at Haskell as a teaching language to see things differently than in most imperative junk languages.
Frankly, the criticism that Haskell compiles into binary formats is also quite nonsense because, from a user's perspective, application programs in interpreted languages or virtual environments are a total waste of resources.

What I mainly criticize about Haskell are missing things like real composite types or more practical namespace solutions; or the absence of named arguments and optional parameters. Also, I do not like the too many syntax sugar, and I think it would have been better to make the monad handling more handy in regular syntax.