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This week, I...
figured out a lingering problem with my flagship, get me hired app. I really struggled understanding the library and the library authors React component example. Ive wrestled with this for two years now.

The other day I was looking for the issue I raised; no music, just me and the code all began to make sense. I thought I'd need some sort of state management when really, all I had to do was pass a function as a prop to another component.

I also figured out, without much help, how to implement search on my blog. Yes, I used a pre-made component but I struggled with gatsby-plugin-algolia and getting the hits on my blog to index, as well as figuring out an undefined slug and 404 page when I would search in a test, click the article, and it wouldn't work.

It took me at least 10 hours over a period of two days to figure out my bug and hack some stuff together. Once I figured it out I was...ecstatic.

Two wins in one week. I'll take it.

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