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I have gone through A LOT of software and have actively used (ConnectedText, OneNote, Evernote, MindManager, FreeMind) trying to find a program that can help me organize my information / knowledge. What I wanted:

  • an integrated solution, where I could have the ability to
  • link all of the items in some meaningful way,
  • search through all of it based on criteria or just plain text,
  • be able to quickly sketch something down,
  • have a sense of time, i.e. calendar.

The only software that could satisfy those requirements for me is InfoQube

  • Portable desktop program!
  • stable
  • excellent outliner (hierarchies, hoisting, multiple parents)
  • multiple views
  • Firefox add-on for bookmarking and web-clipping
  • Evernote import
  • Calendar (soon fully Google Calendar sync)
  • Gantt charts
  • data in Access-like database
  • very responsive developer
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