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Questions to ask before quitting your job to study coding full-time:
-do you have a place to stay while unemployed?
-if not, do you have a way to pay your lease? -Can you survive job searching for about 3-6 months with no income?
-does your current job have a potential developer opportunity? (You don't want to burn a bridge here)

If you answered "no" to ANY of the first three questions, then you should keep your job.

I teach people how to code at RootsTechnology.info and most of my students have a full-time job. The most important part of my program that really helps them is the mentorship, weekly check-ins, and video sessions we do to keep them on track, allowing them to work around their schedule. We're also a LOT cheaper than coding bootcamps. Check us out in case we can help you on your coding journey.

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