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Discussion on: You don't need to install Linux anymore.

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Lalnuntluanga • Edited on

My exact sentiment. Linux isn't supported by some of my devices like Nvidia graphics card, Tp link wifi adapter, and my audio interface.

WSL2 has been great when I need it. Most of the server app run on windows too anyway.

I'm planning to remove ubuntu that i configured as a dual boot

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Paweł Świątkowski • Edited on

What kind of Nvidia card do you have, that it's not supported? I'm surprised. Having installed Linux on quite a few machines in past years, I've seen many different components having compatibility problems, but graphic cards were literally never the issue.

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Noah Ginsburg

Is your Nvidia card like the first Nvidia card ever made? Ubuntu ships with the nvidia proprietary driver, so any reasonable modern card will work.

Nvidia Linux drivers are pretty solid, they'll be solid too until nvidia wants to stop selling graphics cards to super computing centers.

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Seth Bergman

Most of the server app run on Windows? That's an interesting sentence since ~ 95% of the internet runs on some *nix derivative. My dad has an easier time using Linux Mint than he does Windows, and he's not a technical person at all. 🐧