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Junior Portfolio Review By Senior Silicon Valley Dev

tom0901 profile image Tom Jackson ・1 min read

Hi I'm Tom Jackson and I'm a Junior developer in the UK. When I was trying to work out whether my portfolio was "job ready" I was frustrated by the portfolio reviews on YouTube. They all seemed to be relatively junior developers reviewing other beginner portfolios.

This week I've reached out to Sid Palas, a developer who was actually involved in the hiring process at a silicon valley start up.

So, if you're looking for you're first job in web development and you're curious about the mindset of hiring managers when reviewing portfolios then hopefully this video will offer some value to you and help you improve your chances of landing that job. I know I personally got a load of great advice from Sid, so I'd love it if you checked our video out!

Thanks for reading! Tom =)

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Faiz Alkautsar

Hi Tom, I watched your video till the end. I really appreciate you putting effort into your portfolio site and for being so open with feedback. Your discussion in the video justifies that being developer is not merely about coding and working complex logic, it is also about communication and being able to present the work properly.

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Tom Jackson Author

Hey Faiz! Thanks for checking the video out, I think you're spot on. A lot of the hiring process for junior roles is about you as a person. You're communication, desire to learn and how easy you are to get on with are all huge factors.

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