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re: I'm terribly sorry for being one representative of a person you described. Being pretty close to it anyway. But for compensation of my kind, here ...

Ok, I need to be very clear about this, you do NOT need to apologize for being 'that guy'. Yes, you might be scary to deal with for those of us dealing with impostor syndrome and think more about development than coding, but that's our shit to deal with. You are, from the sound of it, an awesome coder and you should be proud of it.

Sure, socializing is good but while I'm good at blending in I kinda hate small talk. I rather enjoy people like you who either talk about something that is actually interesting for you or not much at all.

I hope that you get the chance to talk to someone who is not afraid to talk straight to you and let you know what parts of your communication needs some polish when it comes to other peoples code, because from the sound of it you have a lot of knowledge that others could grow from if they got to absorb it.

Again, do not feel like you should be sorry for being who you are, you probably rule!

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