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Prototyping in the website development process -AdobeXD from scratch #0

tomasroj profile image Tomáš Roj ・2 min read

Why, what, how ❓

Thanks for opening this article! This is first part of AdobeXD from scratch series. With these articles I aim to show you the process of prototyping. It does not matter if your goal is to design a website, an app or something else. The important thing is that protyping has huge advantages and nowdays it is an important skill to have. In every article there will be the tutorial part, resources part and inspiration/challenge part where you can practise everything explained in the tutorial. So why not learn it if it is pretty easy? Sounds interesting? Lets do it!

Getting started - requirements

  • Adobe XD This piece of software from Adobe is the most important thing to have. It is the place where we will work all the time. And the good news? In contrast with other Adobe software, Adobe XD is completly free in the basic version. Do not worry, it has pretty much everything we need to start. Download by visiting their site here.


  • Behance
    Great website with inspirational content you can use for your future work. For quicker use I recommend creating an account there.

  • LetsXD
    I aim for teaching you all the needed basics but you will have to discover more functions and ideas by your own! The best website for this is LetsXd.com. Website originally created by Adobe itself to help get started and keep going with the whole prototyping concept.

  • Dribble
    Another great website where you can show your work and explore great designers and their unique work.

Ready, set, go

Everything installed? Before actuall tutorial part I want you to visit this article:

UI vs UX

It is important to know the difference between UI (user interface) and UX (user experience).

In next article I will explain to you all the basic tools to know in Adobe XD. Dont worry it will be fun, we will creating our unique project where we will learn everything needed. Stay tuned!

💯 Challenge while waiting for the next article

Try to create a new document in Adobe XD. Try to experiment with height and width and with presets!

⚠ Creating content takes time and effort

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Shubham Zanwar

Sound like the start of something interesting. I hope you will be able to explain concepts of prototyping without deeply coupling it with Adobe XD. I like learning design but my primary tool is Figma :D

tomasroj profile image
Tomáš Roj Author

Thank you very much! Figma is a great tool but Adobe XD was easier for me in the start that is why I chose XD. Thanks one more time <3