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Discussion on: Devops and Infrastructure for the Solo Dev

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Automating stuff is in Quadrant 2 of task prioritization - not urgent, but important. I myself found a need to start automating whatever I can - having flavors, building, testing with after commit hook, deployment, I've written myself a scripts to go with ssh and do stuff on the servers, etc. Otherwise I was doing the same repetitive shit. Letting the machines to work is the only way to scale yourself. The time you have and spend is limited. The point about working with others (the only way to scale the unscalable), the only way the matrix,the corporation, a team to work is, if everything is written, processed, ordered, and saved with processes and procedures. This is not something bad. It is the only way the things will work when they get big. I wish everyone to reach at that point 😊

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Periklis Gkolias Author

So true Toma :)