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re: I disagree. Refinement is the usual scrum process in which devs make abstract stuff less abstract together with product owners and/or stakeholders....

Maybe I have a different view but I don't quite agree with you :(

"part of the devs job is to clarify vague tasks by interrogating the person who requested the feature" - that is not rly true.

The project owner talks to the customer and understands what the customer want.

The Project owner divides the tasks up, here (in my opinion) the project owner creates broad abstract tasks for the devteam, the devteam pick apart the tasks and creates subtasks that they can use in a sprint.

Now if the customer had very specific request: "the log in with twitter page needs to be blue". The project owner might either add that in the user story (making it less abstract) or (what I would like) tells the customer that the UX team will decide how the page should look because they have studied years in how to do that, and the customer, as a general rule, have no idea what they are talking about.

I just think its weird that the developer more and more seems to get the role of the project owner, and more and more the project owner seems to be someone with less and less programing skills (in my experience).

Fully agree with you on that.

What I mean was: It's not the task of the developer to "know what to build out of experience", if there is any ambiguity they should indeed throw it back to the product owner.

A developer should get some clarity on technical/implementation details by refining together with the product owner, but when the user story itself is still too vague it's indeed not the dev's job.

Ah okay, I'm sorry maybe I didn't fully understand you before, thanks for clarifying. :)

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