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Back in the day, there was no such thing as a front-end developer. You were a webdesigner. Or webmaster. Or webdeveloper. But it was mostly the same job. Not a lot of backend and db stuff where I started too btw.

And now it seems like they sliced up the job in so many specific particles, but yet, remain asking a boatload of skills and tooling knowledge (front-end dev great with latest webstandards developments, MVC patterns in JS, with an eye for design and good skills with a popular CMS) you might as well just be hiring webdesigners again.

But that's ranting.
Build a portfolio, focus on what you want to do, look for jobs on various job boards. Make sure you get a decent salary but don't expect too much either. Ask specific questions on the day-to-day routines, tools the company works with, methodology etc. So YOU get a good grasp if there's a fit for you, and THEY see you know your stuff.

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