Discussion on: Git - Command line vs GUIs

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Tommy Hodgins

FWIW I started out with SourceTree, which I enjoyed a lot and let me get to know Git in a surrounding I was familiar with (meaning GUI). After switching to Linux and being at a loss of a good GUI client, I went to the command line.

I came here to say the same thing :D

For me I always felt (and still feel about Github) like I'm never quite sure what I'm about to do, but at the same time that also applies to my ability to un-do anything the GUI does by accident.

I thought Git was hard until I used it on the command-line, since then it's the only thing I use for Git. The text-based interface is very flexible, and since working with it goes a little slower (you have to enter commands individually) it seems to reduce errors and make solving errors that happen easier. With a GUI for Git it's too easy to do 5 or 10 wrong things at once :/