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Discussion on: Netlify vs. Vercel: A Comparison

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Tony Ketcham

It may be important to note the differences when it comes to eCommerce:

  • Vercel: It’s against Vercel’s TOS to run a commercial app on the free tier. Even though you technically could, they will shut down your site if caught in violation. So you need to go with the $20/mo Pro plan to do commerce on Vercel.

  • Netlify: Even though the free tier is labeled as “for hobby and experiments”, they allow commercial use of it, such as for eCommerce sites. The only restriction they impose in the TOS is that the content must not break US law.
    So it’s free to do commerce on Netlify.

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Morgan Feeney

This is what I came here for, thanks!

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Ivan Ghost

Thanks a lot!