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Discussion on: Fully Remote Development with VS Code & Cloud9

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Tony Metzidis Author

Great article, i like that you go into some of the dirty details. The cloud9 env handles a lot of those (e.g. IAM policy, storage, EC2 template). About the only manual steps I needed were (1) security group and (2) ssh keys.

I'm really glad to see more investment in this. I've been doing some form of VM development for a long time, and always there was a compromise. Now that VS code remote works so well, I feel like I get the best of both worlds.

What's next for you? any new tech you're looking into to improve your experience?

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Lee-Roy King

The EC2 default settings handle most of those too but I know having new users just click through stuff can be a little squishy.

As for new stuff, this actually gets me most of what I wanted, but I would like to make this a more general tool-set. Right now its just for remote code development but doesn't do a lot to leverage the better network placement of a cloud machine in other ways. In a perfect world I'd roll this into a bigger setup guide to include things like and other tools to help enable people with low bandwidth connections to get the most out of these free tier instances.