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Madden NFL 21 – Available on Xbox Game Pass Now

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Starting from March 2021, Xbox Game Pass will now be including Madden NFL 21 amongst its latest free-to-play games, for a limited time only. Now’s the best time to try the game out for absolutely no cost at all!
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Nearly reaching its 7th month of release, Madden NFL 21 is finally joining Xbox Game Pass’s array of free game titles for you to test the waters.

To push things further, registering for an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate account includes an EA Play subscription-service linked to your name as well (payment is included in the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service).

Under a recent Xbox Wire post, EA Sports confirmed that EA Play users will get three (3) Gold Team Fantasy Packs for free every month, to jumpstart your new beginning into Madden NFL 21’s Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) mode.

If you’re an EA Play Pro subscriber, you will be getting six (6) Gold Team Fantasy Packs for free every month, instead of the earlier three (3).

Whether you’re just a casual fan of American football, or even an avid follower of the Kansas City Chiefs, this might just be the perfect time for you to join in on the Madden NFL 21 craze.

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