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I both agree and disagree with your post (as I suspect do most of the others). I find myself in a similar situation where my daily driver(s) are all Windows except one laptop on which I run Pop_Os! I enjoy the comfort and general compatibility of Windows while I almost exclusively develop using open source tools and languages, in fact I never really got into much C# or .NET. All of my servers run Linux and some days it feels like I just use Windows to run PuTTY and remote into them, which is ironic... BUT... I consider myself a pragmatist, while I'm a big fan and supporter of open source I don't always share the fanatism of some die-hard foss loyalists. I believe ultimately everyone has to find the right tools for their workflow. Windows has a generally more stable desktop environment that makes it (for me) better suited as a day to day os, Linux on the other hand offers levels of customization that cover any use case and configuration types you can think of which (always in my opinion) makes it more suited as a server. That said, Pop_Os! Happens to have almost all of the features you mentioned installed out of the box and has the most stable DE I've used so far on any distro. Give it a try.


Hi @tonymorello
Yes, I too believe everyone has to find their own comfort and workflow.
It is universally known that when it comes to core customizations, Linux is king. Thanks for suggesting Pop_Os! I have heard good things about it too, I'll sure give it a try

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